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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring continues to be one of the most popular reuse options available for residential and commercial projects.
Take a look at the listings below and Contact Us if you have another reclaimed wood flooring species in mind.

Reclaimed Red/White Oak Thresher Flooring $0.00
Reclaimed Exotic Japanese & Euro Beech Wood $0.00
Reclaimed Heart Pine $0.00
Reclaimed African Ironwood $0.00

Antique Oak Blend Flooring $7.90
Hickory Flooring $6.00
Pine Flooring $4.50
Antique Reclaimed Oak Flooring $3.00

50+ year old maple gym flooring $0.00
Long grain, yellow pine flooring $0.00
Reclaimed Walnut $0.00
Barnwood Bricks Flooring - mixed species $0.00

Reclaimed Antique Pine $0.00
Barnwood Bricks TM reclaimed oak $0.00
Reclaimed Gym Flooring $0.00
Reclaimed White Oak 3/4" x 2 1/4" x 1-7' Random Length De-nailed $0.00

Reclaimed Savannah River-Recovered Antique Heart Pine $0.00
Reclaimed Black Walnut $0.00
Reclaimed Heart Pine and Oak Flooring - 2.5" and 3/25" face $0.00
Antique Reclaimed Red and White Oak Flooring $0.00

Antique Reclaimed Heartpine Flooring $0.00
4,200 BF Antique Heart Pine, 3"x13"x14' $0.00