Intuitive Online Marketing App for
Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Marketplaces

Strength in Numbers

Create a marketplace where multiple vendors can leverage their collective marketing muscle to reach their ideal clients online.

Tools that Work

We customize your marketplace website. We give each seller the tools to easily manage their store.

Mobile Apps for All

Our mobile apps are ideal for customers who sell unique items. It populates your store, shares your items online and connects customers.


  • Customize multi-vendor e-commerce sites, enabling shoppers to view inventories from many sellers.
  • Provide each seller with a unique store on the marketplace.
  • Design a branded app that sellers will use to post items on your marketplace, their websites & social media.
  • Publish your branded marketing app to iTunes & Google Play, allowing sellers to easily launch stores.


  • Groups of similar sellers looking to leverage their collective marketing muscle.
  • Sellers with slightly differing inventories: artists, antique collectors, consignment stores, etc.
  • Sellers with inventories easily populated by taking pictures as items become available.
  • Sellers located in the same geographic area: downtown shops, artist co-ops, farmers market, etc.
  • InvenQuery’s web + mobile application unites dispersed sellers of unique goods to populate a single online marketplace. Retailers that join an IQ marketplace benefit from inclusion in a well-designed, high traffic website, an easy mobile app for uploading their items, and social media sharing tools that showcase products where their customers actively search and share.

  • Retailers of unique items struggle to scale online because populating, hosting and promoting an online store is time and resource intensive. While retailers know that online marketing is vital to increase customer reach, traffic & sales, they struggle to justify the time & money it takes to establish an online presence.

  • Through a niche marketplace, multiple retailers can join forces to attract their ideal customers. With our simple mobile app they showcase items on a marketplace, their own site, & their social media networks in seconds. By leveraging social media, IQ helps retailers amplify traditional marketing by driving shoppers to the marketplace. By aggregating sellers of similar items into one online marketplace, IQ creates a go-to resource for an industry.

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