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Advertising with Midwest Materials Exchange on PlanetReuse is a great way to align your brand with a company that has been nationally recognized for its social and environmental mission.

Our audience is engaged, passionate, loyal and primed to hear your message. PlanetReuse appeals to the following groups that care about the history of their products and the legacy they leave by reusing them in creative ways. - Advertising FAQs    View the MME Marketplace here.

  • architects & designers
  • business owners
  • builders
  • homeowners
  • craftspeople
  • deconstruction contractors
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    Traffic Trends

  • Vistors / Year +66.3%
  • Unique Visitors / Year +84.9%
  • Pages / Visit +23.9%
  • Avg. Visit Duration +35.9%
  • Returning Visitors +29.1%
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    Advertising FAQs

    What are the dimensions & locations of my advertising options?
    Our current advertising options include Leaderboard (728x90px) and Skyscraper (160x600px) ads. Here is a look at each:

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    How long does my ad display?
    Your ad will display for either 3, 6 or 12 months based off the selection you make in the advertising registration form.
    Can anyone advertise with Midwest Materials Exchange on PlanetReuse?
    While we certainly invite everyone to join our mission of landfill diversion and sustainability, the companies that advertise with us are those promoting sustainable brands, products, projects and processes. Our visitors are passionate about reuse and sustainability and our advertisers typically are as well.
    What sort of reporting will be provided for my ad(s)?
    We will provide reporting for the number of clicks and impressions for the term selected on each of your advertisements.